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Here are a few testimonials by people who took language lessons with us, if you want to leave yours you can leave it here as a comment or send an email to tutonlineit@yahoo.it.

I have been taking Italian lessons with Marged for the past month and I am enjoying the experience thoroughly.  I find Marged to be very professional and knowledgeable, and we have some laughs too, which is just what I was hoping for.  I highly recommend her.

L. I., Canada (Italian language learner)

I have been learning Italian with Marged for 6 weeks using Skype. I had spent over a year learning on my own and so was very nervous about getting a tutor however Marged has been wonderful and now I cannot wait for each lesson. Each lesson is interesting and I learn more each week. The only downside is the hour lesson is too short and goes too quickly. I am delighted to have found Marged as my Italian tutor as she is very patient and teaches all aspects of Italian really well. I hope to continue studying with Marged and would recommend her to anyone wishing to study Italian.

Carol, UK (Italian language learner)

Marged has a good teaching style and is very patient while dealing with beginning students. ..This class is a great way to learn Devanagari script and pronunciation.

Sandra, US (Hindi learner)

I’ve been studying Hindi since two months cuz I’m fond of India, whenever I can I go there. Marged is a very nice, patient and clear teacher, she’s keen on teaching. she tries her best to explain a topic and to understand her students’problems. Marged makes me feel confortable and unworried, she’s friendly and professional. If you want to learn Hindi, Italian or English Marged can help you since your first steps.

anna g.,  Italy (Hindi learner)

Marged lessons helped with the sounds of the hindi vowels which can be very confusing. I enjoyed the lesson and going over the vowels. I think she has a lot of patience and is very relaxed teacher. I look forward to attending more classes with her.

Jumada, US (Hindi learner)

This is a wonderful class. I learned so much from attending. The class has a relaxed flow to it and is well organized. Marged knows the subject well and her class is very well done. I would take this class again.

Kimberly, US (Hindi learner)

I went away with a better understanding of Indian poetry, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Dave, US (Hindi learner)

Marged is a professional Italian teacher. I enjoyed and benefitted from her class a lot. She explained everything clearly, and I was enjoying listening and reading in Italian.

Gihan, Egypt (Italian learner)

It was a wonderful class, Marged clarified everything, with great work. Thank you Marged for the class 🙂

Shahnawaz, Pakistan

Marged always gives wonderful classes. They’e fun, professional and you always learn more than expected.

Marco, Uk

Versatile teacher, very knowledgeable about Hindi, 100% accustomed to hearing and producing those tiny differences in sounds e. g. between dental and retroflex T…

Greatly recommended!   Marged is an excellent teacher. This class was about pronouncing the Hindi vowels and I’m confident I can pronounce them all now, even if I still can’t recognize any of the Devanagari letters for them.

Judith, Germany (Hindi learner)

Students beginning to study Hindi should take this class. Marged’s original instructional materials are quite helpful. You will get individual attention to assure correct pronunciation.

Alexandra, US (Hindi learner)

I just took Marged’s pronounciation class and I thought it was great! She really knows her stuff! She was very patient and helpful. I learned a lot and I hope to take more classes with her.

Roxanne, US (Hindi learner)

Marged was very well organized and clear in both her presentation and her pronunciation.  

Jauvana, US (Hindi learner)

I found Marged to be very patient and accomodating during our time together. We started off with a “mic” problem, to which Marged quickly found a solution so that we could continue with our lesson. She is very knowledgeable and a very interesting person. She showed interest in my particular goals and helped me to better understand what I might need for my upcoming trip to Italy. I look forward to our next session.

Rita, US (Italian language learner)

She is very thorough, patient and willing to cater to individual needs. I look forward to attending her upcoming classes! She emphasizes the importance of pronunciation and is well trained. I have been meeting with Marged more than two times a week now and I’m steadily improving.  She has created original material for every aspect of Hindi and Italian. She creates unique lessons and supplemental material to make sure that I understand it all. I love how she introduces a few concepts and a few vocabulary words every lesson and explains them thoroughly. I learn so much in such a short amount of time. She creates original homework material to supplement the material concepts introduced in class. I can’t recommend her enough!

Charlene, US (Hindi and Italian language learner)

This teacher is very well prepared on the subject. She has a very nice way of teaching. The time you’re spending on learning is also felt as time you are really enjoying! She is patient and professional. I’m very satisfied!

Silvia, Italy (Hindi learner)


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