Learning Languages Online

Teaching approach

I believe that every student has his/her talent for learning languages, it’s up to the teacher to stimulate his/her progress in the right way. I also believe that learning languages can be a lot of fun, as it is my passion, and I make a point to share this approach to new languages with my students. Speaking a language means to communicate and can be fun as much as painting or singing.

I graduated in Hindi with Hons (MA) and even at University I was often asked to help other students give language exams. I have a long experience in teaching different languages (Latin, Italian to foreigners, Hindi, English) to people of different ages and levels. I worked a lot with children and am very patient.

I am an Italian native speaker, a half British of origin, hence perfectly bilingual in Italian-English. During my studies I have also learnt Latin, Ancient Greek, French, Sanskrit and a little bit of Russian and Bengali too. At University I attended a few courses on foreign language education. I’ve been teaching languages for ten years now privately and online.

I have experience as interpreter and translator as well. I’m professional, dynamic and patient. My teaching approach is based on stimulating the student’s active progress with fun. I have developed my own effective teaching method which is based firstly on the student listening abilities and will make you soon able to express yourself comfrotably in a new language. I like making and using interactive material such as the whiteboard, video/audio tutorials, flashcards etc.

Advanced conversational classes are also offered, where the teacher will use up-to-date material focusing on the student’s interests, the learner’s vocabulary will be widened through questions and use of different context.

You will certainly have fun while learning… it’s simple! Just book a free trial lesson and you’ll see!!

Here is a sample of our video tutorials teaching Hindi greetings…


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