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How to book a lesson

Before purchasing a lesson, you can contact us to have a free trial session where we will discuss and demonstrate our teaching method and approach and will ask about your needs and learning level without commitments. You can also ask to have a special programme designed for you and choose one of our special discounted lesson packages according to your requirements. Once we have decided if we can proceed, you will just have to book your first lesson and here’s how it works:

1. Contact us and schedule your lesson date and time, cheching the calendar here

2. Send your payment through Paypal here.

3. Make sure you have a fast internet connection and a headset (heaphones+microphone). If you want you can also use a webcam, but you don’t necessarily need it.

4. If you don’t have it yet, download the free Skype software here www.skype.com and open a free account. If you already have skype, make sure you have the latest version avaliable or get it now. Tell your online teacher your Skype ID and add his/hers to your Skype contacts. In case you cannot do that, just let us know your ID.

5. Always check your email before a lesson for communications and instructions from your teacher

6. At the chosen date and time log on to skype and wait for your online tutor to contact you. Try and be there a few minutes before the chosen time.

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Please, feel free to ask more details. Thanks


3 Responses to "How to book a lesson"

Mi chiedo ma skype prime non sono state chiuse ? Gentilmente vorrei informazioni dettagliate riguardo al corso di inglese ed i costi .Grazie

salve antonella, al momento insegno online tramite skype, ma il pagamento è con paypal e anticipato, quindi non skype prime. Possiamo accordarci per un incontro informale tramite skype per discutere le sue esigenze di apprendimento. Mi contatti pure alla mail tutonlineit(at)yahoo.it. Grazie

I don’t know any italian but I’m willing to learn, when I click the links you have posted in the document, it says there’s an error. Therefor I can’t acces the page where I contact my online tutor! Help me please. Contact me as soon as possible, thankyou!

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