Learning Languages Online

About us

Our team features professional teachers with long experience in teaching languages to different ages and levels, Italian native speakers and perfectly bilingual in English as origins.

They all spent a long time abroad and know how to relate to foreign students learning Italian.

If you want to know more about our avaliable teachers, just book a free lesson, you can contact us at tutonlineit@yahoo.it.

Our lessons are delivered through Skype on voice chat or webcam, depending on the needs, other tools used are the virtual classroom (witheboard and sharing).

See ‘Services’ for more info.

Potete contattarci senza impegno per maggiori dettagli a tutonlineit@yahoo.it.


4 Responses to "About us"

vorrei prendere lezioni di inglese utilizzando skype.
sono adulta e principiante

Gentile Mimma, grazie del messaggio, presto riceverai una mail con le informazioni sulle lezioni. Grazie e buona giornata!

hi,. ciao! Grazie lei for your tutorial…
nice to know you, am just a teenager who want learnt italian.

hello, i`ve like to learn italian `cause it`ll be usefull if i ever travel again to your beautiful country.
thanks a lot!!

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